10 Reasons Living In The 1920s Would Be Way Easier

Modern technology might be fun and all, but it really just causes more problems than its worth. Also, Ernest Hemingway. Get the full 1920s experience in The Great Gatsby, available now only on Digital Download.

1. You didn’t have to worry about those awkward texts after a bad date.

2. You would never learn what “duckface” was.

oguzyilmaz / Via instagram.com

3. Your spelling mistakes weren’t accessible by millions and millions of people.

4. Celebrities were way more badass.

Lloyd Arnold/Hulton Archive / Getty Images

(And they still loved cats, too.)

Tore Johnson/Pix Inc./Time Life Pictures / Getty Images

5. People had much more respect for their elders.

6. Art was still discernibly “art.”

“Three Musicians”


“An Oak Tree”



7. Dance moves required much less coordination.



“The Charleston”



8. Vampires were actually creepy as hell and not just teen romance novels.

9. You never had to deal with the most infuriating thing known to modern man.

Justin Baeder / Via Flickr: 49503074211@N01

(That being said, if you wanted your music on the go, you’d have to lug one of these bad boys around.)

10. You still had problems, but they weren’t quite as severe as our First World problems now.


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