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12 Animals Who Are More Dapper Than You

These animals are the ones who invented dressing for success. No one has ever looked better than back in the 1920s. Still, they're no match for the cats in The Great Gatsby. Available Now only at Your Favorite Online Movie Store.

1. This cat who'll serenade his way right into your heart.


2. This cat who, uh... what were we saying?


3. This dog who's heading to the city for the weekend and he's planning on looking his best.

Getty Images

4. This tortoise who understands the importance of standing out in a crowd.

StarsApart / Via Flickr: meginsanity

5. This cat who actually has it all.

6. This camel who took a long time to get ready, but it was worth it.

Jeremy Vandel / Via Flickr: jeremy_vandel

7. This cat who was born this way.

hamilton_the_hipster_cat / Via

8. This lady who adheres to a strict daily beauty routine.

pennyandjack / Via

9. This dog who won't leave the house underdressed.

shopcaymans / Via

10. This cat who—despite being a bit of a basket case—really cleans up nice.

stevejess / Via

11. This cat who's never left this chair because he just looks too dang good on it.

jesscard / Via

12. This cat who should probably stop searching for that green light.

francisreyme / Via

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