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14 Times “The Good Place” Made You Laugh Way Harder Than You Should

Get ready to forking laugh!

1. When Michael elegantly described love.

2. When Eleanor clapped the fork back...

3. ...and when Michael threw some massive shade.

4. When Janet and Derek defined relationship goals.

5. When Michael said what we're all secretly thinking.

6. When Eleanor was assigned her actual dream job.

7. When Michael epically failed at being human.

8. When Janet had the perfect response to those ~three little words~.

9. And when she showed off her diverse skillset.

10. But seriously, any time Janet speaks is a true gift.

11. Also, when Michael dropped this truth bomb.

12. When Eleanor taught us how to handle forgetting someone's name...

13. ...and how to deal with THIS totally relatable situation.

14. And when Michael introduced us to the catchphrase of the year.

All images via NBC.

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