15 Things From The ’80s We Totally Loved

It’s true that some things are better left in the past… R.I.P. scrunchies. But when taking a walk down memory lane, it’s hard not to long for the days when you could play your Atari while listening to REO Speedwagon. For a nostalgic walk down memory lane every week, tune in to The Goldbergs when it totally premieres Tuesday September 24th at 9|8c on ABC!

1. Ahh, the days of listening to your Walkman while rollerskating and sipping on some Kool-Aid Koolers.

2. Remember when crimping your hair and talking on your extendable cord phone AT THE SAME TIME was considered multitasking?

ABC / Via youtube.com

3. Do they even make Grip Ball anymore? They probably have a less fun version on Wii.

4. What happened to this kind of athleticism? A time when real men wore spandex.

The 1988 Aerobic Championships were a real thing and should come back.

5. And cars like this… now this… this is a car!

6. There was something oddly satisfying about putting a big ol’ tape into an even bigger ol’ VCR.

7. You’ll never get back the simple pleasure of lugging around a camera three times the size of your head.

ABC / Via youtube.com

8. Sadly, the coolness of your Chuck Norris Karate Kommando has expired.

Just kidding… everyone knows Norris is timeless.

9. If you’re like us, you long for the days when keytars weren’t ironic.

10. And why are music players getting smaller and smaller?

Your 16-piece stereo system is the closest you were going to get to the Hall & Oates concert besides actually being there.

11. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that “music machines” are outdated. They’re the real deal.


12. Would you throw out a mixtape with a track list like this?!

What you chose to put on a mixtape said more about you than your diary!

13. You’ll never get back the simple pleasure of completing one of these babies.

There’s probably a phone app out there with cheat codes now… tsk-tsk.

14. Fingers crossed that looks like these come back.

15. Kids these days think they have “swag.” This is the true meaning of “swag.”

For more ’80s nostalgia, check out The Goldbergs!

Totally Premieres Tuesday, September 24th at 9|8c on ABC!

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