The Ultimate "Mad Dad" Scale

It’s your dad’s job to love you. And he’s really good at his job! But sometimes you make his job very difficult. From small dents to full-on disasters, you’re constantly driving him up and down the “Mad Dad” Scale. See the trials Murray’s kids put him through when The Goldbergs totally premieres Tuesday Sept. 24th on ABC.

1. You call him “big” in a drawing, and make him self-conscious: 2.82/10

CJ Sorg / Via Flickr: cjsorg

The trick with this one is that the more he thinks about it, the angrier he gets, because he realizes he’ll never fit into his wedding tux again.

2. When you are impossible to play with: 3.86/10

Just impossible!

3. When you’re lazy about the simplest things that he’s talked to you about a thousand times: 4.36/10

MAX JR / Via

4. When you break the new gadget he bought less than 24 hours ago: 5/10


He knows you didn’t mean to, but you could have read the directions a little closer.

5. When he says “don’t tell mom” and you tell mom: 5.25/10

blakespot / Via Flickr: blakespot

Who are you even?

6. When he tries to teach you any physical activity (literally any): 6/10

boydjones / Via Flickr: boydjones

Are you kidding me with this?

7. When you have too much time on your hands because you are too young to get a job: 7/10

lovecatz / Via Flickr: lovecatz

Grow up already.

8. When he drops everything to help you study for a big test so you could impress your hot teacher and he realizes you are a hopeless human: 7.65/10

instugrom / Via

What is wrong with you.

9. When your footage of him goes viral: 7.76/10


The reason this is so high on the list is because it makes him realize he’s a dad.

10. When he catches a foul ball and you throw it back on the field: 8/10

You are terrible.

11. When he has to pick you up from a party he told you not to go to because you partied too hard: 9.21/10

12. And this. This is just a 10.


No explanation necessary.

Watch Murray slide up and down the “Mad Dad” Scale on The Goldbergs!

Season one totally premieres Tuesday Sept. 24th on ABC.

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