11 Lies Your Parents Told You When You Were Young

To protect you of course… It’s a parent’s responsibility to keep their child safe. So maybe they fib a little to get the job done… there’s nothing wrong with that! Right? See what little white lies Beverly and Murray tell their kids to make sure they don’t grow up too fast on The Goldbergs Tuesdays 9|8c on ABC!!

1. Lie: The other kids are just jealous of you.

Disney / Via ruinedchildhood.com

Protecting you from: the fact that kids are just plain mean.

2. Lie: If you talk on the phone too long, your ear will fall off.

Protecting you from: wasting your night away talking to friends you’re going to see again in the morning.

3. Lie: The girls are just as shy as you are, honest!

ABC / Via hulu.com

Protecting you from: not having grown into your looks yet.

4. Lie: Sparky went upstate to a nice family with a big farm.

Protecting you from: saying bye-bye to Sparky.

5. Lie: We love you as much as your brothers and sisters.

muhawi001 / Via Flickr: 74822033@N00

Protecting you from: the fact that they totally have favorites.

6. Lie: Your hand-me-downs fit you perfectly.

ABC / Via hulu.com

Protecting you from: Well… actually they’re protecting themselves from having to buy your hormonal body new clothes every three months.

7. Lie: Too much TV will rot your brain.

Protecting you from: failing school.

8. Lie: Coffee stunts your growth.

Protecting you from: staying up all night and crashing in the morning.

9. Lie: If you cross your eyes they’ll get stuck that way.

Protecting you from: embarrassing yourself in public and getting a wicked headache.

10. Lie: We won’t bail you out if you get in trouble.

Protecting you from: even thinking about doing anything so stupid!

11. Lie: This is normal, everyone goes through puberty.

Protecting you from: the fact that your awkward phase is lasting an extraordinarily long time.

You can totally catch The Goldbergs Tuesdays 9|8c on ABC!!

We promise we’re not lying!

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