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10 Reasons All '80s Kids Will Love The New Season Of "The Goldbergs"

Escape into the sweet nostalgia on Wednesdays with The Goldbergs, starting Oct. 21 on ABC. 'Shirley' you won't be disappointed!

1. First: The Goldbergs find it impossible to control their urge to do the conga.

2. Because Adam nails the first day of school with his puka shell necklace.

3. They do parodies from classic '80s movies. This one's from everyone's favorite airplane comedy!

4. Because headgear.

5. The show celebrates when '80s detectives dressed like sherbet.

6. They honor the triumph that is the bowl cut.

7. Because there's nothing like the feeling of pushing play on your boombox.

8. They also celebrate a time when the adverb "surely" was the funniest thing ever.

9. They understand the delicious agony that is the school rope climb.

10. Because Beverly's hair keeps us going during trying times.

All images courtesy of ABC.

If you seek a simpler time when the sweaters were very cozy and very bedazzled, catch the new season of The Goldbergs, with the one-hour season premiere Wednesday, Oct. 21, at 8|7c on ABC.

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