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    17 Mouth-Watering Pear Recipes For National Pear Month

    Did you know December is peak pear season?

    1. Caramel, Chocolate and Pistachio Pears

    Figs and Pigs / Via

    Get the recipe.

    2. Blueberry Pear and Champagne Cocktail

    The Girls on Bloor / Via

    Cheers! Get the recipe.

    3. Gingerbread Pear Crumble

    Healthy Slow Cooking / Via

    Get the recipe.

    4. Pear and Walnut Oatmeal

    A Virtual Vegan / Via

    Get the recipe.

    5. Baked Brie with Pear

    Mommy Outside the Box / Via

    Yes, it's a thing. Get the recipe.

    6. Spiced Wine Poached Pears

    She Eats / Via

    And a little ricotta doesn't hurt. Get the recipe.

    7. Savoury Pear and Sage Galette

    Beth Dunham / Via

    Get the recipe.

    8. Pear and Pecan Turnovers

    Friday is Cake Night / Via

    Get the recipe.

    9. DIY Pear Fruit Leather

    The Bewitchin' Kitchen / Via

    Get the recipe.

    10. Pear Gingerbread

    Simple Bites / Via

    Just in time for the holidays. Get the recipe.

    11. Pear Tarte Tatin With Cardamom and Saffron Water

    The Tiffin Box / Via

    Get the recipe.

    12. Chocolate, Pear and Whiskey Tart

    My Kitchen Love / Via

    Mmm, chocolate. Get the recipe.

    13. Roasted Pear and Ginger Cashew Ricotta Toast

    The Green Life / Via

    Who doesn't love fancy toast? Get the recipe.

    14. Ham and Pear Grilled Cheese

    My Wife's Muffin / Via

    Nomz. Get the recipe.

    15. Cranberry Pear Jelly

    Simple Bites / Via

    Homemade preserves are a big hit this time of year. Get the recipe.

    16. Peppered Pear Elixir

    Justine Celina / Via

    Get the recipe.

    17. Chocolate Pear Muffins

    Sugar Loves Spices / Via

    Get the recipe.

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