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9 Signs Someone You Love Is Hiding Something

We all have secrets. Some come back to haunt us. The Gift, in theaters now.

1. Your Gut Tells You Something Is Up

Sometimes the mind can get carried away, but if there's a nagging suspicion that something isn't right, sometimes it's best not to ignore it.

2. They Protest Too Much

They use phrases like "trust me," or "honestly," and "to be perfectly honest." These are denial phrases and, if repeated too frequently, can signal that someone is lying.

3. They Have Little Secrets

They have credit cards or email accounts you didn't know about, and they get suspicious or defensive when you ask questions.

4. They Have "Data Confusion"

If they have a habit of confusing you with someone else — like referencing a vacation you took to Florida, except you've never been — this is a good sign that there are stories they haven't told you.

5. Your Friends and Family Don't Trust Them

People who are not closely involved often have a better read on our relationships than we do. If they get the feeling something is "off," there's a good chance something is.

6. The Story Changes Upon Retelling

If, upon repeated tellings of stories, facts or specifics begin to change, they're probably not being truthful.

7. Their Eyes Are Always Searching

If their eyes dart around the room or seem to be searching for something when recounting their past, it's most likely because they're trying to come up with a lie.

8. Change in Spending Habits

Unexplainable purchases, or an abrupt change to carrying cash, can indicate someone is hiding a secret.

9. They're Too Good to Be True

If something or someone is too good to be true, it's probably because they are.

Someone from their past makes you feel uneasy.

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The Gift is in theaters now.