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Top 10 Coolest Uses Of Solar Panels

You already know all the common uses for solar power, but these days people have started using solar panels in some crazy, creative ways. Who knew solar panels could look so cool? Check out some of the most amazing and innovative uses here!

  • 10. Solar Powered Desert Structure

    This amazing structure brings solar technology into a context of art, beauty and architecture. On a sunny day, the solar panels will be able to generate up to 10 MW of electrical power for the local community. In addition to generating renewable energy, the structure will also shelter visitors from the hot sun. via

  • 9. Solar Powered Stadium

    Taiwan's dragon-shaped arena is the perfect example of the scalability of solar power. Designed by Toyo Ito, this 50,000 seat area generates 100% of its electricity from photovoltaic technology through its 8,844 solar panels that illuminate the track and field with 3,300 lux. via

  • 8. Flower Power

    This stunning installation built on an old industrial site in Austin, TX is made up of 15 flower-like solar photovoltaic panels that soak up the sun's rays to generate a steady stream of renewable energy and provide shade. The flowers collect energy during the day to power the installation's blue LED lights at night. via

  • 7. Solar Powered Artificial Plant

    A team of Japanese scientists and engineers created an artificial houseplant with high- efficiency organic thin-film solar cells as leaves. Each flexible leaf has a complex structure protected by a thin plastic layer which means that in the future these generators could be embedded into buildings, clothes, and toys. via

  • 6. Solar Powered Plane

    The sky's the limit with solar power. Literally. As wide as a jumbo jet and the weight of a mid-sized car, the Solar Impulse plane, composed of 12,000 solar panels, can fly day and night. It's currently undergoing test flights, but it's working towards a record-breaking round-the-world journey. via

  • 5. Solar Paint

    Paint on your solar power. Solar paint entails a nanoscale mixture of photovoltaic components that can be painted or sprayed on to any number of surfaces to create cheap, efficient solar cells. Research on this technology is still in its infancy, but we love the huge potential for creative applications. via

  • 4. Solar Pyramids

    The Lunar Cubit is an award winning design proposal which consists of a series of solar panel pyramids forming a renewal energy plant. This amazing series of pyramids will power homes in Abu Dhabi and will also serve as a stunning, illuminated public art installation by night. via

  • 3. Solar Crane at Coachella

    We love this spectacular oversized origami installation at Coachella. As thousands of fans enter the festival they will pass under the welcoming wings, lit by solar-powered LED lights. The giant creature is a living art installation, a beacon, shelter, destination, as well as a universal message of peace. via

  • 2. Solar Intersections

    Solar art doesn't have to be outdoor art. These site-specific installations that are designed with the sun in mind to maximize the visual impact of renewable power generation. They work by simply collecting energy though embedded solar cells to in turn power interior lighting. via

  • 1. Solar Trash Cans

    These amazing solar trash cans were designed to reduce the impact of trash in cities. Powered by the sun, these compactors allow the cans to store more trash, thus lowering the operating costs, fuel consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions associated with garbage collection by up to 80%. via