• 10. You Can Judge A Plane By It’s Cover

    It doesn’t always have to be silver with a big stripe - take a look at some of the most original paint jobs in the sky. (Source)

  • 9. Free As A Squirrel

    It’s not exactly a plane, but it does let you fly — or at least, fall very slowly. (Source)

  • 8. This Old Landing Strip

    Home gets bumped up to first class. (Source)

  • 7. Flying Cars Again, But This Time We’re Serious

    We’re sore over the lack of jetpacks, but at least someone’s finally stepping up and making a real flying car. (Source)

  • 6. The Next Triceratops Is Now Departing

    Half dinosaur, half helicopter, all art? That’s in the eye of the beholder. (Or passenger.) (Source)

  • 5. Caspian Sea Monster

    What’s powered by ten jet engines, but doesn’t fly? It’s no sturgeon, that’s for sure. (Source)

  • 4. A Plane Little Houseboat

    Think your house is cool? Your house isn’t cool. This guy’s house is cool.(Source)

  • 3. Flying Cars Are Go!

    No more traffic jams for you; just soar above it all in your jet-powered Ford. Available in pink only. (Source)

  • 2. In Space, No One Can Hear You Ask For Another Bag Of Peanuts

    A ticket to the stars can be yours, with the world’s first commercial space flight service, but the price is as high as the ambitions.(Source)

  • 1. Solar Ranger

    Designed to fly for over five years without a break, this battery-powered plane represents the future of stratospheric flight. (Source)