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The 10 Most Incredible Plane Landings

There are some truly amazing stories when it comes to pilots saving the day. When you see some of these extraordinary close calls, you’ll want to hold on to your seat.

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  • 10. Drop In

    An airport in the valley may be a lovely thing, but it takes a seriously skilled and confident pilot to land there.

  • 9. Short Story

    Don't let your attention wander if you're landing here, the world's shortest commercial runway.

  • 8. Beach Baby

    And to think some beaches won't even allow cars. Pfft.

  • 7. Dusty Dusty Dusty

    Landing a giant cargo plane isn't easy, even on a big runway. Doing it in the desert calls for nerves of steel. (And a dust broom or two.)

  • 6. Ice Ice Baby

    Not everything on ice is delicate and dainty. See one of the world's largest cargo planes making a cool landing.

  • 5. Low Blow

    St. Maarten's famous airport on the beach has been thrilling sunbathers for years.

  • 4. Blowing In The Wind

    Pilots don't get to choose the weather - they have to land that plane, sometimes in rather startling crosswinds.

  • 3. Bygone Glories

    The Concorde, one of the world’s greatest planes, landing at Kai Tak, Hong Kong's dramatic city center airport. Both are gone. Hong Kong HKG.

  • 2. Bouncy Castle

    If you've ever wondered why you can't cram a bunch of passengers into one of those giant cargo planes, watch this.

  • 1. Bringing It Home

    We marvel at the skill of pilots that land planes on an aircraft carrier - but this one lands on a motor home; a small one at that.

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