• 10. Drop In

    An airport in the valley may be a lovely thing, but it takes a seriously skilled and confident pilot to land there.

  • 9. Short Story

    Don’t let your attention wander if you’re landing here, the world’s shortest commercial runway.

  • 8. Beach Baby

    And to think some beaches won’t even allow cars. Pfft.

  • 7. Dusty Dusty Dusty

    Landing a giant cargo plane isn’t easy, even on a big runway. Doing it in the desert calls for nerves of steel. (And a dust broom or two.)

  • 6. Ice Ice Baby

    Not everything on ice is delicate and dainty. See one of the world’s largest cargo planes making a cool landing.

  • 5. Low Blow

    St. Maarten’s famous airport on the beach has been thrilling sunbathers for years.

  • 4. Blowing In The Wind

    Pilots don’t get to choose the weather - they have to land that plane, sometimes in rather startling crosswinds.

  • 3. Bygone Glories

    The Concorde, one of the world’s greatest planes, landing at Kai Tak, Hong Kong’s dramatic city center airport. Both are gone. Hong Kong HKG.

  • 2. Bouncy Castle

    If you’ve ever wondered why you can’t cram a bunch of passengers into one of those giant cargo planes, watch this.

  • 1. Bringing It Home

    We marvel at the skill of pilots that land planes on an aircraft carrier - but this one lands on a motor home; a small one at that.