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  • Mystery Gum

    I try to find out where on my gum’s packaging it specifies the flavor. Melissa thinks she knows. Then again, she thinks she knows everything. Also, Melissa blows bubbles terribly. Greko Sketch Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0″

  • Asking A Girl Out

    This is some footage I cut from a previous Drive at 5 where I talk about how I asked Melissa out for the first time. Well, I didn’t ask her “out”, but…whatever. You’ll see.

  • Drive At Five - Too Much Cheating In Movies And On TV

    I’m a loud talker, duh. Melissa knew this when she first met me and she’s going to have to live with it. Period. The P-Man has spoken. Foot down. Anyway, we talk about cheating, Sex and the City and just how lucky she is to have someone who breathes air into the nostrils of her blah days.

  • Silver Bullet

    After taking into consideration Melissa’s request to edit out a large chunk of the fart talk, I eventually decided to theme this drive around my supposed ugly, old-ass shirt.

  • Drive At Five : Help Melissa Decide On A Halloween Costume

    Melissa needs help deciding on a Halloween costume for her work party. I think I suggested something that would surely win her top prize, but she’s willing to hear ideas from you guys! Greko Sketch Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0″

  • Ankle Socks Are For Girls And Babies

    Melissa hates my grey “old man” tube socks. She’s trying to convince me into some of those ankle socks. I thought ankle socks were made for women and babies. Guess I was wrong. They’re also for girly-men. Greko Sketch Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0″

  • Happy Birthday Love Poem For My Love - Only One

    Only One Your beautiful eyes, They make my heart go boom boom. Boom boom boom, Boom boom boom. Your lustrous hair, I love the way it smells. Smells smells smells, Smells smells smells. Your luscious lips, They taste like milk and honey, Honey honey honey, Honey honey honey. Your silky smooth skin, It drives me crazy. Crazy crazy crazy, Crazy crazy crazy. Your gentle loving touch, I crave for it like I crave cocaine. Cocaine cocaine cocaine, Cocaine cocaine cocaine. Your soft girly arms, I’m glad you have two. Two two two, Two two two. Ditto for your legs, I’m grateful you have both. Both both both, Both both both. But if you searched the world all over, You’ll never find a man like me. Me me me, There’s only one me. Happy Birthday Melissa! :) Greko Sketch Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0″

  • It’s Da Truth!

    Melissa is a master interrupter, and THAT is “da truth”! She knows that by interrupting my thought process, which relies on an attention span comparable to a housefly, I’ll forget my point and she wins the argument. Sneaky. When I’m clearly wrong about something, Melissa will allow me to speak with no interrupting.

  • I Will Miss You Baby Girl…And Your Fruity Body Mist, Too!

    Melissa is off to her hometown until Monday, and I don’t know what to do with myself! Just kidding, I’m going to get drunk. But still! I’m going to miss you, love! Greko Sketch Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0″

  • Communication Breakdown

    When I don’t reply, Melissa gets angry. When Melissa doesn’t reply, it’s because I’m annoying. Do you have any idea how often I ask a question, am ignored, and then told the question was answered but I wasn’t paying attention? Do you know how crazy that makes a man feel? For a while there she had me believing that I was either deaf or in my own little cuckoo world. If it weren’t for capturing evidence ON VIDEO, I’d still think I was crazy! Greko Sketch Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0″

  • Drive At Five - My Cousin’s Big Fat Greek Wedding

    Melissa is going to experience her first Greek wedding in September and I’m not sure how she’ll handle it. Just kidding, she’s going to love it! Oh my, she won’t know what hit her! Food, drink, dancing, music, broken plates, crying boyfriends - ya think it’ll be overwhelming? Damn right! All that said, I don’t like being around people so my Greek wedding will much much quieter than my cousin’s, and our other cousins before him. Greko Sketch Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0″

  • Lunenburg - The Ovens National Park

    Melissa and I take a trip to Lunenburg NS, home of the Bluenose Schooner, and explore the sea caves at The Ovens National Park. Greko Sketch Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0″

  • This Burping Is OUT OF CONTROL

    Excessive burping is the key to any man’s heart. I brought the camera along on our picnic but the heat and rabid insects prevented me from taking any footage of our sandwich feast. On the way back home, both of us tired and swelling from bug bites, I decided to record just in case. Excessive burping is what I captured. Greko Sketch Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0″

  • Oh My God I’m Soooo Hungry

    Sometime in the future I’d like to upload some short sketches here on YouTube. That is, if Melissa isn’t a CHICKEN! I only need to convince her that YouTube comedy skits are meant to be corny and lame, and then we’ll be set… YouTube sketches are meant to be corny and lame, right? Website: Like on Facebook! Follow on Twitter! Find on Google Plus - Follow on Pinterest! http://www. Greko Sketch Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0″

  • Making The Bus Monitor Cry

    Vile middle school students making the bus monitor cry by bullying, harassing, and threatening her on their last day of school. This is NOT a representation of the majority of kids, but an example of the disgusting lengths a small percentage of delinquents who go out of their way to hurt and humiliate other people.

  • Zombie Pet Apocalypse

    Reaching the disturbing realization that my pet would eat me if given the chance. I searched “would my pet eat me” on Google and came across this thread from the forums: I learned something very disturbing. That a pet cat will eat its dead owner. Elvis jumped up on the couch last night after I learned of this disturbing news, and it was quite awkward. Then he squinted his eyes - you know, a cats way of saying, “I love you.” - and I was like, “don’t give me that bull$hit, you psychopath!” This has changed everything now. You think I’ll let him lick my hand now? F$*k no. I used to think he was grooming me - like, cleaning me, you know? Turns out he’s been sampling. He started kneading my belly as I tried to fall asleep and I kicked him out! “I’m still alive mother f�$ker!” Tenderizing my meat. Pet lizards eat owner. Isabelle Dinoire - First person to undergo a partial face transplant

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