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What You Need To Know About "The Following" Before Season 3

It’s the creepy, twisty show everyone’s talking about – and it’s back. With season 3 about to land, here’s what you missed. Catch the season premiere of The Following at 9:00pm on March 7 on Sky Atlantic. ~HERE BE SPOILERS~.

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This is our guy. Kevin Bacon. Or "Ryan Hardy". (It's still Kevin Bacon in our heads though, tbh.)

The Following / Sky Atlantic

He's been dragged out of retirement for this one last thing. You know the deal. This is the thing that happens when you know it's gonna get good.

Hardy's white whale has escaped from prison — serial killer Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) has bunked off without so much as a note from his mum.

To figure out the mind of this killer and get him back, Hardy finds Carroll's ex-wife, Claire (Natalie Zea), and enlists her to help understand his serial killer psyche.

Things get crazy, Claire's kid gets kidnapped by his dad Joe Carroll, and FBI officers get dragged in...

The Following / Sky Atlantic / Via

...and one ends up buried alive in a coffin with a manuscript by the increasingly crazy Joe Carroll.

Catch up on season 1 and 2 properly, and then tune in at 9.00pm on March 7 when season 3 of The Following airs on Sky Atlantic.

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