26 Things To Do With Computers When There’s No Internet

Iran plans to go off line in August, meaning they will cut off the internet to their citizens. Here are 26 things they can do with their computers since a computer without internet is pretty much worthless.

1. Simply throw it away.

2. BBQ up some kabobs

3. Make it a mailbox

You will be needing this a lot more now that you won’t be receiving any more electronic mail.

4. Turn it into a kegerator

For non-alcoholic beer, of course.

5. Open up a museum

6. Use it as a ping-pong paddle

7. Use it as a knife for birthday parties

We aren’t sure how you will remember birthdays without Facebook, so it is a good idea to buy a calendar and fill it in with all the important ones before it gets shut down.

8. Make a new home for your pet lizard


Your life will suddenly be a lot more active since you won’t be sitting at your computer anymore, so you’ll need a new belt as your weight decreases.

10. Start an organic herb garden

We know Persians love to cook!

11. Write a special note to a special someone and frame it

12. Make a cool toothbrush/razor holder

13. Turn the fans into room fans

From the footage we have seen on TV, it is really, really hot there.

14. Level your furniture

15. Make it a toilet paper holder

This would make your house so cool that you’d have people beg to come over and use your facilities.

16. Use it to crack open nuts

17. If you pick up some new bad habits, like smoking, you can facilitate that with custom ashtrays

18. Store bread in it

19. Make it a garbage can

This will put IKEA Tehran out of business!

20. Save yourself a trip to the home depot and turn it into a dust pan

21. Cut up some beef sausage

22. Make a macquarium

Yes, it’s a real thing.

23. Use the old ram to finish spackling your dry wall.

Think of all the time you’ll have now to put towards those home improvement projects you’ve been putting off!

24. Give your pet parrot a vacation home

25. Give it to your grandma as a gift (but don’t tell her it doesn’t do anything)

26. Make sexy underwear

This will help rekindle the relationship between you and your wife since you will have so much more time to spend with her now that you aren’t online.

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