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    11 Insane Items That Costco Actually Sells

    Think your membership only includes bulk discounts on canned goods and pasta? Think again. Here are 11 things you may not have known your favorite local warehouse store sells.

    1. 18.88 Carat Diamond for $2,300,000 / Via|1||P_SignDesc1&N=5000043&whse=BC&Dx=mode+matchallpartial&Ntk=Text_Search&Dr=P_

    Only one available! Better jump on it!

    2. Martin Yale Fully Automatic Electric Letter Opener for $328.99


    This letter opener can open up to 7,000 letters an hour. That is over 150,000 letters a day if you really need it! This is highly recommended for people like Justin Bieber, Lebron James and George Zimmerman who must receive tons of fan mail daily!

    3. 17,586 Total Servings of Emergency Food Kit By Shelf Reliance® THRIVE™ for $2,999.99


    Keep in mind that this is $500 off, what a bargain! This food is supposedly enough for 4 people to last 12 months. After that though you are on your own

    4. Metropolis Play System By Gorilla® Playsets for $17,999.99


    Sure you love your kids, but is that love worth $18,000? We don't think so.

    5. Mighty Mule Cascade 14' Double Driveway Gate for $2,299.99


    For a guy with a ton of acreage and not a lot of cash.

    6. Raj India Trading Pewter Pet Urns, starting at $49.99

    "Honey, can you go down to Costco and get us about 50 pounds of meat, 6 cases of Mountain Dew, 3 bags of tilapia and an urn for our dead dog? Thanks"

    PS. WTF is a token pet urn?

    7. Kool-It 42 Cu Ft Glass Door Merchandiser for $1,999.99


    This might actually be cool to have so we can display all of the Snapple we like to drink.

    8. The Calla Lily Centerpiece Collection for $379.99


    We already believe flowers are a waste of money, so a six pack of cala lilies are a no go.

    9. Ashbee Game Room Collection by Brunswick for $11,999.99


    This item is actually listed in the "WOW Items" category.

    10. Almost Heaven Saunas Grandview Deluxe Sauna 6-person Barrel Wet Sauna $11,999.99


    This may be your only chance to live in a Hobbit home, act now!

    11. Axis #12 Professional Meat Grinder for $399.99


    The 100% stainless steel construction allows for the grindage of up to 260lbs of meat an hour which makes this the perfect Easter present.

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