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    10 Ways To Travel And Social Distance

    If you are a travel enthusiast, then quarantine may have been especially difficult for you. And even though long-distance travel may still not be an option, there are plenty of ways you can get out and about while following social distance recommendations.

    1. Take a Drive

    Road Trip / Via Google

    Day trips are a great way to assuage your travel urges and most locales are within just a few hours of beautifully scenic areas. So, pile into the car and drive to a location where you can enjoy the view. You can simply enjoy the rolling landscape as you travel through it, or stop occasionally to practice your hand at a bit of photography.

    2. Have a Picnic in a Park

    Picnic in a Park
    pixabay / Via

    Many local parks are open to a limited number of visitors with a few restrictions in place, such as closed playgrounds. Pack a picnic, complete with a blanket to lounge on, and head over to a nearby park. You can opt for a spot in an open grassy area, near a lake or stream if there is one, or, perhaps in a shady wooded area. The key is keeping your distance from others.

    3. Go Hiking


    Another outing option for the day is to go hiking. Most trails are open, although some have limited access. Be sure to take your mask with you. Although it may not be necessary to wear it the entire time you are out, you should have it with you for instances when you cross paths with other hikers.

    4. Visit Nearby Towns


    When we think of traveling we usually think of far off destinations, but the next town over may have a few gems to offer that you didn’t know about. Do a little research and choose a nearby town, or a few, to visit. See what monuments and attractions they have. You might be surprised.

    5. Explore Nature Trails

    Nature Trails

    Recreation complexes and schools are often surrounded by small natural areas with short trails to showcase local plants and animals. Some even have preserves set up for research. For example, I once found a freshwater marsh nestled in a wooded lot in a neighboring city. Find out what’s in your area and if there are any stipulations on when you can explore.

    6. Take Your Own Waterfall Tour


    If you live near a temperate mountainous area, you’re bound to have waterfalls. Going to see a waterfall can be a great day trip and can be combined with a hike. There are plenty of waterfalls you can see from overlooks as well.

    For a mini-vacation, you can create your own waterfall tour. Look up some of the waterfalls within a day’s drive and plan out a route. Go see a different waterfall each day. You can make it all one long trip, staying in your RV or camping as you go. Or you can make each a day trip so you can crash at home.

    7. Go Camping


    Camping comes with many options. Some campgrounds have lots you sign up for and offer amenities such as public restrooms. This type of campground may be a good opportunity to interact with other people at a distance. However, you will need to find out if any of the facilities are closed ahead of time.

    Some campgrounds are rustic. You show up, pitch your tent, and that’s it. This could be a good getaway that does not bring you near others or a good way to plan a social-distanced outing with friends. And, of course, there’s always glamping. Get your RV revved up and ready to go.

    8. Rent a Cabin

    Rented Cabin

    If camping isn’t really your style, you could always rent a cabin. This gives you the comforts of home away from home. Staying in a secluded area with beautiful views, and in a cabin that may very well have amenities you don’t have at home, can make for a wonderful vacation. And, if you’re working remotely and able to stay longer, it can also make a great extended vacation.

    9. Go Stargazing


    If you live anywhere near a city, you can tell the difference from rural areas when you look at the night sky. To get a really good view of the stars, go to an area 20 - 30 miles away from the city. This could be a fun trip or it could become a regular venture. You could also turn this into a hobby where you go to different places and compare what you can see.

    10. Visit State or National Parks

    National Parks

    Most state and national parks have remained open. They generally monitor the number of people by the number of cars per acreage. That means if it is a popular park, you’ll need to plan to get there early. Once the max number of cars have entered the park, no other car will be allowed in until another one leaves. Check to see if their operating hours have changed, if their restrooms are open, and if they have any mask requirements.

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