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9 Other Things You’re Burning When You Light Up

7,000 dangerous chemicals aren't the only thing you're burning when you light a cigarette. Find out more about the time and money you're wasting on tobacco at THE FACTS NOW.

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6. Smoking takes years from your life, but adds them to your face.

A study done on facial changes caused by smoking found that smoking expedites aging in the face through:

• Sagging of the upper eyelids

• Baggier, lower eyelids

• Bags under the eyes

• Facial wrinkles

• Sagging chins

7. Don’t waste your breath. You’ll literally never take a full breath of fresh air.

Smoking at a young age will stop your lungs from growing to their fullest potential. Our lungs don't develop to their full size until the age of 20 for men and late teens for women.

Illustrations by BuzzFeed / Faye Kahn