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10 Comics That Prove Your Brain Is A Filthy Liar

Cigarettes are designed to make your brain tell you you're having a great time, when in reality you're shortening your life. Be real, brain. We're not falling for your nonsense.

When your brain tells you you're ready but really you're just bored.

When you think you haven’t developed an addiction:

When you'll do literally anything to justify a juicy burg.

When you buy things you don't need because you can't resist a sale.

When your heart says sleep but your brain says NEXT EPISODE.

When you completely misread that flirty signal.

When you have a pretty outdated version of what cool looks like.

When you're upsetting your cat with the many lies you tell yourself.

When you tell yourself the greatest lie of all.

When your brain literally tricks you into thinking every moment is a good moment for a cigarette.

Illustration by BuzzFeed / Tyler Naugle / Lyla Ribot / Son Tuyen Huynh / Kristin Rossi

Liar liar, brain's on fire.

Ten seconds after you suck on a cigarette, nicotine hits your brain and you feel a rush of adrenaline...which is very misleading. Because it's actually, you know, killing you. Visit The Facts Now for more hard truths.