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19 Ridiculously Intense, White-Knuckle Action GIFs

Because you haven't had enough heart attacks today. For more heart-stopping action, check out The Expendables 3, in theaters Friday, August 15.

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1. Whoa!

2. Yikes!

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3. Holy smokes!

4. OMG!

5. Daang!

6. D'oh!

7. No no no no no no no!

8. Eeek!

9. Yowzah!

10. Go go go go go go go!

11. Pheeeeeew!

12. Yeesh!

13. Ay caramba!

14. Oh no. Oh noooooo!

15. Gah!

16. Cripes!

17. How the? What the? Who the?!

18. Leapin’ lizards!

19. Holy s**t! HOLY S**T!

If those weren't enough to get your blood pumping, run into theaters August 15 to catch the insane action in The Expendables 3!

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