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15 Badass Catchphrases To Use In Everyday Life

For best results, read these in your manliest, most gravelly voice (then dramatically put on and/or take off your "shades"). Brought to you by The Expendables 3 — in theaters Friday, August 15.

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1. When your buddy thinks he's got it:

2. When the game runs long and you’re without sunscreen:

3. When you accidentally burn your breakfast burrito:


4. When you’re trying to earn someone’s trust:

5. When stupid junk gets in your way:

6. When you lock yourself out of your car:


7. When the intern doesn't know who ALF is:

8. When you’re introducing your new BFF:

9. When your mom is suddenly into "healthy" homemade snacks:


10. When you get an unexpected spa treatment:

11. When the dog won't stop begging for treats:

12. When your main course gets a bit scorched:


13. When you know you’re a target:

14. When your phone gets bad reception:

15. When you can finally get away from that jerk:

Do you have a badass catchphrase? Or are you in the market for one to call your own? Then MAN UP and make your own Man Card to prove you’re a card-carrying badass.

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