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    Posted on Dec 4, 2014

    All I Want For Christmas: What To Get For The Flight Attendant In Your Life

    Forget airplane keychains and pink luggage tags: we Flight Attendants want something a little different for the Holidays and you might be surprised what we are really asking Santa for this Christmas...

    Happy Holidays from your favorite Flight Attendant!

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    The Holidays are upon us, and that means that the wonderful, sweet flight attendant in your life just might suddenly become a crazy, sleep-deprived Holiday-hating mess.

    But that doesn't mean that you have to hide the stockings and mistletoe, and forgo your Winter traditions altogether. With this crazy job, there comes an opportunity to start up new traditions with the cabin crew in your life.

    So without further adieu, here's your Cabin Crew's Christmas Wish List!

    1. Be Prepared to Work With Her Schedule.

    @TheFALife / Via

    I might be working a red-eye on Christmas Eve. I could be away the entire week of Hanukkah. I'm probably missing every performance of the Nutcracker and I don't have time to join friends in an "ice-skating-and-hot-buttered-rum" party, so stop sending me Facebook Invites. It's just depressing. Although we love being included in such fun Holiday events and don't want everyone canceling just because of us (okay, we secretly do), we get tired of being invited to things on Saturday nights or Christmas Day.

    Instead, ask me what days I do have off, and get creative. Plan to surprise me with a drive around town the day after Christmas to see Holiday lights, or a midnight ferry ride with a thermos of booze-y Cocoa. Treat me to a Eggnog Latte at my favorite coffee shop and load a playlist of your favorite holiday music onto my iPod right before you drop me off at the airport. It's the little things, planned around my wacky schedule, that keep me sane and feeling loved.

    2. Practical Gifts Are The Best Gifts

    @BeaOnTheFly / Via

    Although I love the little airplane keyrings everyone keeps giving me, I now have twelve and it's weighing down my purse. Also, any t-shirts, tote bags or hoodies that have little sayings advertising that I am a flight attendant? Just, no. When I'm off work, I don't want anyone asking me where Gate B9 is.

    Instead, look for little, useful things that won't take up room in her already overstuffed bag. Or, allow the cabin crew member in your life to do a little shopping on her own time. Gift cards are actually very much appreciated. We love TravelPro, Luggage Works and Flight 001, to name a few. And find out your flight attendant's favorite coffee chain, and buy a few little $5 gift cards. Write a sweet note in each of them. This way, every time she gets coffee, its like she's having coffee with you. <3

    3. Go To Work With Your Flight Attendant

    @StewardessTiffany / Via

    Nothing delights us more than when our friends, family and loved ones tag along with us to work. If the loads are looking good, hop on a non-rev flight and meet your flight attendant for an overnight. Bring along gifts, buy some little snacks and bust out the rum -- it's going to be a Holiday Party in the hotel room!

    If you are unable to non-rev with your flight attendant, make a series of silly iPhone videos and post them on her Facebook wall, 12 Days of Christmas style. Having the constant reminder that she is missed and loved will make a Holiday away from home so much easier to handle.

    4. Hold Down The Fort

    @HeatherPoole / Via

    With all the rushing to and from airports, trying to locate the least wrinkly skirt and the one pair of pantyhose without a run, the average flight attendant doesn't have very much time to take care of necessities on the home front.

    That is why one of the best gifts is taking care of the little things. Clean her apartment while she's gone, and leave a bouquet of flowers and a sweet note. Have her car detailed while she is on an overnight. Dry clean her uniforms and get her shoes polished. Shovel the walk and salt the driveway. Let her know that you helped out (just so she doesn't think she has a stalker who is removing her shoes from the closet and cleaning them!), but don't make a big deal of it. She will definitely appreciate it!

    5. Plan a Post-Holiday Holiday.

    @TheEverydayJumpseater / Via

    Things will eventually calm down, the lines at security will dwindle and most people will go back to work. And that's when the flight attendant in your life gets to celebrate. If you are able to, request a few days off work in early to mid-January. Plan a fun little get-away, or even a stay-cation with the flight attendant in your life. Make a folder full of fun activity options, and play Travel Agent. She will love not having to plan a thing, and looking forward to a relaxing retreat will keep her going through the craziness of Christmas.

    So, what will you be getting for the flight attendant in your life?

    Happy Holidays from!

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