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If You've Seen "Beauty And The Beast" More Than 4 Times, Then You'll Definitely Be Able To Pass This A-Z Trivia Quiz

Use your intelligence and make Belle proud.

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OK, we can all agree that Beauty and the Beast is one of the best movies of all time, right?

Walt Disney Animation

Yeah, it's certain as the sun rising in the east. You know it, I know it. We saw it a million times and we know all the lines by heart. Great. Let's just agree and move forward.

But can you complete this quiz and put your knowledge to the test? Let's find out!


Okay, it's actually pretty simple. Each of these questions have a one-word answer and they are in alphabetical order. A hint is given and all you have to do is find out the word based on the clue. Cool? Ok, great.

Three, two, one... GO!