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Hannah And Elijah Dancing Is Everything

Every time Hannah and Elijah dance, an angel gets its wings.

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It was a Wednesday night, baby, and they were alive!

Remember in season two, GIRLS introduced us to Icona Pop with an intense, coke-fueled dance filled with pure joy and glorious fury, all wrapped up in a yellow mesh top.

You know what? I still love it! I will always love it!

This week's episode of GIRLS gave us another night of Hannah and Elijah dancing it out.

Hannah is having a hard time adjusting to Iowa and Elijah is so over New York, luckily their pain gave us the sequel to that season two dance sesh.

This time, with some Ying Yang Twins, Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz. I think I finally accepted this song with a little help from Hanlijah.

To the window!

To the wall!

Get low, Horvath, get low!

Every Hannah and Elijah dance scene simultaneously kills me and gives me life. I need at least one a season for the duration of GIRLS. Never stop dancing, guys.

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