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14 Things You Did As A Teen That’d Be Weird If You Did Now

*flips eraser* Remember what it was like to be a teenager with The Edge of Seventeen, in cinemas now.

1. Leave all your important decisions up to an eraser.

2. Plan your future...using SCIENCE.

3. Rank your friends.

4. Tease your crush.

5. Practice your autograph. Not signature — autograph.

6. Paint your nails with liquid paper.

7. And cover your hand with PVA glue just so you could peel it off.

8. Change your username to be some intense music lyric.

9. Have to speak to your crush's mum when you called them on the home phone.

10. Doodle "I HEART [crush's name]" all over your notebooks.

11. Spend hours composing your favourite song as a ringtone on your mobile.

12. Prank-call people when you didn't have enough phone credit, then wait for them to call you back.

13. Get pissed off at your friend if they didn't save you a seat at the back of the bus.

14. Go to a shopping centre just to hang.

Tbh we should probably bring back the PVA glue. Step back into your teenage years with The Edge of Seventeen, in cinemas now.