10 Incredible College Campuses From Around The Globe

Your own library is just the beginning. There’s a big, fascinating world out there, and you have to go beyond what’s just presented to you and Dare2GoDeep.

1. The Campanile in Dublin

Michelle McMahon / Getty Images

While a beautiful central landmark of Trinity College, it holds a dark superstition: any student who walks through it when the bells toll will fail their exams. Those needing all the luck they can get never pass under it until they graduate.

2. Joanina Library in Portugal

Jean-Marc Charles / Getty Images

Found on the University of Coimbra, this national monument has been shushing loud-talkers since the 18th Century.

3. Radcliffe Camera in Oxford

Peter Adams / Getty Images

A library at the University of Oxford completed in 1748, its inside is distractingly beautiful.

4. Tietgenkollegiet in Copenhagen

Rune Johansen / Getty Images

This award-winning student center looks brilliant from every angle.

5. Peking University in Beijing

shutterstock / hidear

When Weiming Lake freezes over, the students at this Chinese University have even more reasons to skip class.

6. The University of Bologna

Buena Vista Images / Getty Images

Established in 1088, this Italian university is the world’s first higher learning, degree-awarding institute. The word “university” was coined at its foundation, and we can all be thankful that they didn’t burden the world with “boloneyversity.”

7. Cadet Chapel in Colorado Springs

John Elk III / Getty Images

As part of the U.S. Air Force Academy, this example of modernist architecture houses different worship areas for different religions all under a single roof. Each chapel has its own entrance, so their respective services won’t interfere with one another.

8. Yasuda Auditorium in Tokyo

This piece of bold architecture was designed by Yoshikazu Uchida for Tokyo University. While he drew some inspiration from Cambridge University’s towered gates, it uses dark red tile that was a typical feature of 1920s Japanese architecture.

9. Rajabai Tower in Mumbai

shutterstock / Alexandra Lande

Located on the University of Mumbai, it’s often in the background of cricket matches played on the nearby field.

10. Memorial Church in San Francisco

Eddie Brady / Getty Images

Serving the spiritual needs of Stanford University in a non-sectarian way, this stunning piece of architecture is now adorably abbreviated as MemChu.

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