16 Reasons Why Copy Editors Aren’t Always The Worst

From stray typos to fact-checking, attention to detail is important as ever in this world that turns on a “need-to-know” basis. Communicating the right message is never an issue when you take just a little more time and Dare2GoDeep. These reasons for oversight prove that these soldiers of language are always essential.

1. Because we need to know where our world leaders stand.

2. Because characters count.

3. Because we simply can’t keep our screens straight anymore.

4. Because sometimes accurate breaking news is trumped by dangerous wishful thinking.

5. Because you won’t know where to place the blame.

6. Because you deserve to know exactly what you’re putting in your body.

7. Because sarcasm gets lost in translation.

8. Because “text message shorthand” is not a recognized English dialect.

9. Because major milestones get lost in the shuffle.

10. Because having a hot story on your hands tends to overshadow its obvious details.

11. Because first world problems breed first world problems.

12. Because brutal honesty is honestly a bit much when it comes to breaking news.

13. Because it makes sense to wait until the game is actually over before publishing.

14. Because we can’t keep our rock stars and astronauts straight anymore.


15. Because sound-alikes never suffice.

16. Because sometimes accurate breaking news is trumped entirely by total impatience.

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