12 Of The Wildest Names In World News

With great power comes more letters than you can fit in your mouth. A hard-to-say name, however, should be the last thing to keep you from talking about the contributions of these incredibly important people. Dare to get to know them, and Dare2GoDeep with The Economist.

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PRONOUNCED: yehr-OWN DYE-schel-bloom
This man is in charge of the two most important arms of European finance: the Eurozone (all countries that use the Euro as currency), and the European Stability Mechanism (the body that makes sure Europe doesn’t have a complete financial collapse).

Jessica Rinaldi / Reuters

PRONOUNCED: sahk-YAH-gin ilk-BEH-darch
Elbegdorj is the incumbent president of Mongolia, and was a key leader in transitioning the country out of communist rule and into a democracy in 1990. The Democratic Party of the country coexists in parliament with other smaller parties, holding 31 of 76 total seats.

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She’s South Korea’s first female president, often referred to as another “Iron Lady.” Two months into her first tern, she has already met with President Obama to strengthen South Korea’s alliance with the United States.

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PRONOUNCED: jig-MAY KAY-zahr nahm-YELL wang-chuck
This 31-year-old monarch rules “the last surviving Buddhist kingdom in the Himalayas.” His 2011 wedding rivaled that of the one in Buckingham Palace the same year, including three days of nationwide celebration and ceremonies dating back centuries.


PRONOUNCED: da-rehn ah-seh-MOG-loo
This man’s bevy of accomplishments includes a 15-year-long study concluding that world economics are dependent on human politics. The Internet recently honored him with his very own meme for his indisputable domination in the Economics field.

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PRONOUNCED: soo-SEEL-oh bahm-BAHNG yood-oh-YO-no
Following his election in 2004, Yudhoyno is coming under fire from critics for not eradicating the corruption within the Indonesian government more aggressively, especially as his term comes to a close.

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The world is watching and slightly worried as Jinping’s leadership leans aggressively towards nationalism/communism, with less concern for the actual state of the population.

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PRONOUNCED: ahb-dell-ah-ZEEZ boo-tah-FLEEK-ah
The 76-year-old, who has been running Algeria for 14 years, is currently recovering from a mini-stroke in Paris.

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PRONOUNCED: YO-hah-nah SAYG-yor-ro-doh-tear
Elected in 2009, Sigurdardottir is actively trying to have Iceland admitted into the European Union following the country’s economic collapse in 2009, much to the dismay of other political parties in Iceland that were dominant before she came into power.

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PRONOUNCED: pah-lah-NYAH-pahn chee-DAHM-bah-rahm
After taking the office of Financial Minster for the second time in non-consecutive terms, Chidambaram is combating scandal amidst the increasingly prevalent black money market in India.

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PRONOUNCED: AH-lah-sahn WAH-tah-rah
The majority of citizens on the Ivory Coast are under the age of 25, but the country is still ruled by 71-year-old Ouattara and his 70-year-old prime minister counterpart. However, their younger commerce minister, Jean-Louis Billion is beginning to garner attention for wanting to take the country in a more progressive and youth-conducive direction.

Richard Drew / AP

PRONOUNCED: too-ee-LAY-puh AYE-oh-no sigh-LEE-LEE muh-LIE-leg-ah-OY
In 2011, the prime minister wanted a reconsideration to move his country’s physical position around the International Date Line in order to increase economic relations with its biggest trade partners.

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