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This Organization Is Changing Our Response To Homelessness And Recidivism. Here’s How You Can Help

Looking for ways to get involved and help people experiencing homelessness and incarceration in NYC? Join The Doe Fund in helping over 28,000 homeless and formerly incarcerated men rebuild their lives.

Did you know that in New York City, about 24% of people who were incarcerated end up back in jail within a year?

Jail cell door

New York City also has devastatingly high instances of homelessness, with the shelter system serving 50,000+ people per day on average.

Instead of enacting a punitive model to deal with what are really public health issues, what if we provided housing, job training, and alternatives to the criminal justice system?

Several Ready, Willing & Able participants doing a mock interview with a volunteer.

The Doe Fund focuses on paid work, transitional housing, and comprehensive social services like addiction treatment and career training.

Men in Blue working on street cleaning

You can join them in helping change the lives of these men and their families. The Doe Fund offers an array of opportunities for community members to donate and volunteer.

Volunteers can give the gift of time by signing up to facilitate mock interviews with program participants.

Doe fund participants participating in a mock interview with a volunteer

You can also join their Young Professionals Council.

A group of volunteers putting their hands in

New Yorkers are always Better Together so join The Doe Fund's graduation ceremony, in celebrating the men who have completed the program.

A graduate of Ready, Willing & Able hugging their daughter

The Doe Fund works to address the root causes of homelessness and recidivism. Join them in their mission to break these cycles that perpetuate intergenerational poverty.

Images via The Doe Fund unless otherwise specified.