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11 Reasons You Should Probably Be Dating Four From "Allegiant"

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1. For starters, you're not totally opposed to soul-piercing, dark brown eyes, impossibly high cheekbones, and full lips.

2. You like showers.

3. You don't believe there's such a thing as "too perfect."

4. You're OK with occasionally taking orders.

5. You've been checked by a doctor, and your heart can handle hardcore and persistent swooning.

6. You're hydrated AF, so his arms won't make you die of thirst.

7. You've decided you don't need your insides anymore, so you won't mind if they melt right out when he smiles.

8. You have strong knees, so you probably won't fall over when he kisses you.

9. You're not prone to babbling incoherently when confronted with golden gods.

10. You're registering for nursing school ATM, so you can help heal his wounds.

11. And you haven't had to turn up the AC three times while reading this post to stop from overheating.

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