Top 10 Weirdest Video Ever

Some of the most scareous, sexiest, funny and weird Youtube videos ever seen.

1. Elisa Lam

The famous video with missing girl Elisa Lam: very impressive in some parts, seems like she’s hallucinating and doesn’t know whether she’s, inside or outside the elevator.

2. UFO landing in China

It’s one of the great questions of these years : where are the aliens? Do they really exists?

3. The killer clown from Perugia

Really impressive prank made from a gorgeous team in Perugia, Italy.

4. Jeff the Killer in videochat!

5. Webdriver Torso

What is that: messages ro aliens? Subliminal verses? No, it is just a Google account used for testing Youtube’s software.

6. Webcam girl epic fail

Just a fake, but very funny

7. Mistery Fake

Nice girl stripping in cam and revealing his real nature…

8. Pranks … gone wrong

9. GoDaddy banned commercial

I am almost secure you seen the one with Van Damme: so you cannot miss this one!

10. And finally, The Joke!

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