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    How Can They Take Control Of Our Webcam (aka What Is RATting)

    Webcam is one of the most funny hardware connected to our PC: there are some important facts about webcams you need to know before using it again. And they involve spying and executing remote commands

    1. Shortly: this is what may happens to you (funny version)


    2. Clickjacking webcam: what is that?

    View this video on YouTube / Via

    All started here, some time ago.

    This is an old but BIG security issue for an old version of Adobe Flash: ok, this does not work anymore, but could do this or worst things in future!

    3. Activating Mac webcam with remote control: RATting

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    YouTube / Via

    There was a weakness in some iSights versions (old Macbooks) which could lead an attacker to activate your cam, and spying you while using computer connected on the web. Security patches are available for that, but for old-school and not-so-updated users the problems is still real.

    4. "The web is a window"

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    Curiously, the 2014's horror movie "The Den" talks about a girl who is threatened by some crazy organization operating via web, and controlling her computer in every single aspect: spying her with webcam, sending email, deleting all their computer files. All we can see in this film is filtered by the webcam's eye.

    Computer RAT (Remote Access Trojan) is a virus once installed on a system allows a hacker to run malicious code,key log your system and use network to DDOS.

    6. How shoud I protect myself [PANIC VERSION]?

    Keep OFF your computer !

    Don't use internet at all!

    Keep away your friends from the web!

    Unsubscribe your ISP contract NOW!

    And please, do not say you were not warned.

    7. How should I protect my computer, seriously?

    You need to know some things, also very simple, really.

    Every PC user should update periodically Adobe Flash here.

    Windows users: use an antivirus like Avira, and update him every time you connect;

    Mac/Linux users: keep your OS updated;

    if you feel strongly paranoid and don't use webcam, you could also put a piece of tape on cam.

    All users: when some webcam is working, expecially on some websites, your face or whatever you show in cam should be recorded by anyone.

    Keep your privacy, please!



    9. RAT are like malware and virus: you can take them ANYWHERE!

    Just remember this: there are a lot of people out there, pretending to be hot sensual girls showing to you in webcam.

    They are just pre-recorded videos.

    In many cases, they may record you and blackmail after.

    Please do not allow them doing, and:

    ask ever about the person you are talking with;

    do not show face in cam.

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