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14 Ways To Demonstrate You're Way Too Obsessed With Blue And White China

But Delft is so gorgeous, so go for it.

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1. Blow Away Vase

Spend a lot of money on it.

2. Delft Dinnerware Wallpaper

Cover your walls with it.

3. Delft Phone Case

Cover your phone with it.

4. Nautical Temporary Tattos

Cover your body with it.

5. Blue and White Marshmallows

Eat it.
the decorated cookie / Via

6. Delft Contact Case

Put your contacts in it.
DelftBlueCuffLinks etsy shop / Via

7. China Blue Flask

Drink from it.
zazzle / Via

8. Delft Tote Bag

Carry stuff in it.

9. Ceramic Heart

Appreciate the weird beauty of it.

10. Blue and White Bracelet

Wear it on your wrist.

11. Willow Boots

Wear it on your feet.

12. Delft Wedding Cake

Get married with it.
Sugar Couture / Via

13. Blue Ceramic Chopsticks

Eat take-out with it.

14. DIY Coasters

Make your own coasters with it.

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