• TheDavidSmith

      You’re not seriously equating a non-governmental group’s data collection with the government’s data collection, are you? You don’t see a difference in what one group may do with info (alert you to issues you may or may not care about, perhaps irritate you with mailings) and what the gov’t may do with info (target you with possible legal action or worse)? The slant of this article is stupid. Quote:
      “Walsh said she was motivated by the Sandy Hook shooting to sign on to the measure, but was then deluged by more than 1,200 letters and calls from angry constituents. While many of them were from declared NRA members, she said, lots of them were from people who specified they weren’t with the NRA but had been alerted by the group to the pending bill.” Dammit, we can’t have people writing their representatives! Worse yet, we can’t have politicians actually listening to the people whom they represent! Quote:
      “Yet there does not seem to be the same concern among gun owners about the NRA’s own efforts to amass the same information.” Duh…NRA can piss me off with mailings, and I can become negative about the NRA as a result. Government can collect my data and piss me off with things that can ruin my life.  The NRA collecting date is more akin to Fleet Farm collecting data on its customers than to the government collecting people’s data. The comparison implied by this article is ridiculous.

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