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10 Awesome Infographics From The Daily

Ever wonder what James Franco can't do? Or what exactly makes up marshmallow Peeps? Here's a roundup of a few of the Daily's most awesome infographics that are sure to answer some of life's most pressing questions.

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  • 1. What Can't James Franco Do?

  • 2. 5 More Things James Franco Cant Do

  • 3. Radiohead Dissected

  • 4. What Makes Up A Peep?

  • 5. How To Be The Strokes

  • 6. What Celebs Are REALLY Thinking?

  • 7. Arcade Fire Gets X-Rayed

  • 8. Geek Chic Or Freak Reek

  • 9. Jay-Z's Fro Aging Timeline

  • 10. What Does The Length Of Your Fingers Say About You?