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    Cure Your Acne In 3 Simple Steps

    40-55% of adults age 20-40 are diagnosed with acne. You are not alone! It is not just a teenage problem, and nearly half the population deal with adult acne. In fact, my major skin problems started escalating as I was growing into adulthood, and still persists to this day. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, 54% of women older than age 25 have some facial acne. But, it took me ages to realize that. So I spent many years playing catch up with the problem - trying to resolve the issue when the pimples surfaced, rather than stopping them before they even form. Soon, I’ll be releasing a detailed journal of my acne journey, but for now, I’ve come up with 3 simple ways you can cure your acne.

    1. Drink tons of water

    2. Develop a simple, but effective facial cleansing routine

    Your acne will cause some uncomfortable texture to your skin. You may be inclined to scrub, scrub, scrub it off. You may want to pick all of the blemishes away. You may want to dry it out with harsh medications and treatments. Or you may just want to give up - avoid doing anything all together. Luckily, with patience, you can develop a happy medium.

    You should treat your skin gently. So go for cleansers that are designed to gently wash away dirt and makeup. No need for acne treating products here. Instead, add exfoliation to your routine, once or twice a week. One of the problems with acne-prone skin, is that the oil glands overproduce quicker than the skin sheds. That combination leads to clogged pores, which causes pimples. Adding a steam treatment every week is also a good idea. On the days you don’t exfoliate, after you cleanse, you can add your acne treatment (see your doctor for suggestions). Once a week, I like to speed up the process of clearing my acne scars with a mask that includes glycolic acid or one that is made with activated charcoal.

    But the one thing people with acne usually avoid is moisturizer. That is a mistake. You need to rebalance your skin, otherwise your overzealous oil glands will try to make up for the dryness and start this cycle of overproducing again. There are many options for acne-friendly moisturizers that won’t clog your pores. You can even use natural moisturizers like hemp or grapeseed oil, which is non-comedogenic with beta-carotene, fatty acids and vitamins D,C and E.

    3. Stop it from the inside out

    I personally suffer from cystic acne. That’s those pesky, large and deep-seeded bumps that at times are even painful. Over the years I have learned that it takes six weeks for them to form, and that the reason is some sort of hormonal imbalance that I happened to plagued with. With this information, I knew that the only solution had to be to figure out how to “balance” these hormones. With that, I have tried many treatments, from herbal pills to the infamously effective, but temporary accutane. But, in August of 2016, I discovered the ultimate solution through AcnEase.

    AcnEase is a clinically tested herbal treatment that can actually treat your acne! The formula is safe and causes no side effects - I mean, other than potentially curing your acne problem. Consistency is key and from my own experience, the longer you have had to deal with acne, the longer your treatment will be - so stick with it to find results.

    I started with the severe acne treatment, which means 6 pills, three times a day. That seems like a lot. And it is. It’s also a little costly. But, when you think about how much you actually pay with all of the experimental treatments - from topical medications to doctor’s visits, then the costs aren’t so daunting. Also, I had to consider that this treatment would mean a final solution for this long term problem that I have dealt with my entire adult life - so it is worth the investment.

    The goal of AcnEase is to break the cycle of acne. Over the course of six months, I have noticed that my cystic acne has diminished, with only occasional breakouts. Now I am still dealing with breakouts, but they are smaller and less frequent. I have to remind myself that this product is a longterm solution, and that patience and consistency will give me the results I have dreamed of.