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3 Tips On How To Throw A Great "Winter Blues" Party

Since the winter weather may have you cooped up in your house for the next couple of months, it is the perfect time to start planning your next big shindig. But who wants to go from store to store to gather the goods. So, I thought I’d do a round-up of what you can get all from BJ’s Wholesale Club. Why BJ’s? We know that you can get everything from groceries to home goods at the wholesale club. BJ’s features their own brands Wellsley Farms and Berkley Jensen, products that come with the reputation of outstanding quality and incredible value. Brands with products that come with the reputation of outstanding quality and incredible value. So with a one stop shopping experience in mind, here’s the list.

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1. Plan for a lot, expect a little


Data shows that only 25% of invited guests, actually show up to a party. Excuses from weather to traffic to blaming the baby are the usual suspects for why your friends may ditch your gathering. But, in case all of your guests do come through, you won’t disappoint with food by grabbing a cheese and veggie plate, bakery items, some frozen and dry snack.

2. Don’t forget the drinks!

Can you say “hot toddy”? This can be especially seasonal, but you could even build the theme of your party around the drinks you serve. Grab some moscow mule mugs and give them as party gifts, or choose classic hot chocolate and let your guest make s'mores!

3. Set the atmosphere

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A few accessories, like a vase decorated with flowers, a colored-coordinated pillow and throw blanket, or even special silverware and a tablecloth will help you set the theme. Match that with feel-good music, now everyone is feeling the vibe. But, to avoid the party getting stuck with groups of cliques, play games! Breakout some board and classic games, from Uno to charades, and I guarantee people will be talking about your event for weeks.

But first, you have to get them to leave, because they will have so much fun!

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