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15 Dogs That Should Probably Get An Award

Someone throw these dogs a bone too. Or at least nominate them for next year's World Dog Awards on The CW.

1. This dog, for being the danciest:

2. This dog, for respecting the cat's need for personal space:

3. This dog, for demonstrating exceptional balance:

4. This Pomeranian, for classiest upright strut:

5. This dog, for best bird manipulation:

6. This little dog, for best teacher:

7. This pug, for having the best costume:

8. This graceful dog, for best posture:

9. This dog, for most charitable:

10. This one, for promoting peace between cats and dogs:

11. This beautiful dog, for having the biggest heart:

12. This brave dog, for overcoming his fears:

13. This dude, for being the most chill:

14. This little one, for best eyebrow game:

15. And this pug, for being the sassiest:

You can see which pooches took home a prize on Jan. 15 at The CW's World Dog Awards here.