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Can You Make It Through This Post Without LOLing?

Go ahead and laugh. Just a little help to get you through the week, courtesy of Whose Line Is It Anyway? -- Fridays at 8/7c on The CW.

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This dog who loves ice cream.

This guy who loves ice cream.

This guy who REALLY loves ice cream.

This seal who steals.

This surprise in the pool.

This rebel.

This bottle rocket.

This science experiment gone awry.

This thing that goes bump in the night.

This tired lion.

This guy who is defining the term YOLO.

This multi-talented hrose.

This mother-daughter moment.

This hamster who's head over heels in love with popcorn.

This cat's close-up.

This cat in the box.

This lactose-intolerant cat.

This anteater in a sweater.

This sleepy meerkat.

This devious laser.

This uncomfortable eye contact.

This leapin' lizard.

This car'll knock you off your feet.

This trick that is SO CLOSE to being awesome.

And can you make it through an entire episode of Whose Line without LOLing? Tune in to the new season, Fridays 8/7c -- only on The CW.

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