14 Times Sibling Fights Are Inevitable

Siblings can actually be the worst. At least you don’t have to hang out with them until the end of time, like the vampire siblings on The Originals. Check out the series premiere on Thursday, October 3, 9/8c on The CW.

1. When they give you a wet willy.

2. When they wake you up in mean ways.

3. When they make you feel like what you just said was really stupid.

4. When they keep repeating themselves.

5. When they tell you that your new hair color you spent $300 on is insanely ugly.

6. When they tell you that your outfit is ridiculous.

7. When they laugh at how you dance.

8. When they take too long in the bathroom.

9. When they bother you when you’re trying to do something.

10. When they make fun of you behind your back.

11. When they try and take the last pudding in the fridge.

12. When they embarrass you in front of your crush.

13. When they steal your clothing because their clothing is lame.

Teen Witch, Trans World Entertainment / Via reactiongifs.com

14. When they make fun of you for not knowing something.

But let’s be real. They can sometimes be okay.

mari_cantero / Via instagram.com


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