11 Places We’d Teleport If We Had The Power To

There are so many things you don’t got time for—which is why teleportation is the bomb, right?! See what happens when humans evolve in The Tomorrow People, Wednesdays at 9/8c.

1. To the front of the loooong bathroom line.

Sam Howzit / Via Flickr: aloha75

Never do the pee-dance again!

2. In the end zone to score the final touchdown.

Ben Stanfield / Via Flickr: acaben

Hey man, winners win.

3. Straight into your bed during a long, rainy commute home.

Taking an hour to get home in the rain? Nope, nope, nope.

4. To first place in a marathon.

Martineric / Via Flickr: 36665622@N00

Like, do you really want to be in this chaos?

5. In the front row at Fashion Week.

odibodi / Via Flickr: 39320628@N02

Oh sorry, was this your seat?

6. To the red carpet at the Oscars…

…to take the best selfie ever.

7. To the top of the ski slope.

David Boyle / Via Flickr: 44925192@N00

Later haterz.

8. To the front of the Cronut line.

And then buy ALL of the Cronuts.

9. To the top of the perfect wave.

heydrienne / Via Flickr: 90318532@N00

And watch the shoobies cry.

10. To the best seat in the house when the NYE ball drops.

Anthony Quintano / Via Flickr: 22882274@N04

No crowds, no problems.



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