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The Most Amazing Life Changing Corgi Rescue Story

Joplin the Corgi dog was rescued earlier this year and his story is truly amazing. One of the most touching adoption stories we've ever read.

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The Story

Joplin is our August Corgi Of The Month and the star of the viral video "Joplin's Baroo – Cute Corgi Howls At Ambulance". Carol Young is the proud parent of this wonderful and cute Corgi.

Here is the full rescue story told by Carol :

In March, our 6 year old corgi Bandit, who we had adopted 2 years earlier from a local rescue, passed away during a supposedly routine teeth cleaning procedure. His heart had just stopped, and we were completely devastated.

It was not long before we realized how much we missed having such a sweet and funny guy around, so we began keeping an eye out for another Corgi to adopt. And that is when we read about a little Corgi in Joplin Missouri who needed the help of Corgi Nation so that he could get the emergency medical attention that he needed. This little dog had been dumped out of a car onto someone's driveway and left to die . Fortunately the owners of the property were home and saw what had happened. They loaded the bleeding dog into their car and took him to the Joplin Humane Society. He arrived bloody and unable to move, and appeared to be close to death. That is when Joplin Humane posted his photo and asked for donations so that he could be taken to the emergency vet.

Thanks to a wonderful and generous Corgi Nation the little Corgi was taken to the emergency vet, where they determined that he had been attacked by a large dog. Although he had a number of punctures on his neck and upper chest, his vital organs and muscles were okay. They shaved his fur, cleaned and stitched his wounds and put in a drainage tube. A few days later, a new photo of the little corgi' was shared by Joplin Humane, but this time he was walking around with a goofy little smile and his drainage tube showing (another one of the photos we sent). It was the combination of the 2 photos and his amazing survival story that inspired us to put in an application to adopt this special little boy, who his rescuers had named Drake.


Once again Corgi Nation stepped up, but this time it was to support us in our efforts to be chosen as Drake's forever home. I posted a brief comment that I had sent in an application, which resulted in friends posting positive comments on our behalf, and even sending in letters of recommendation. Bandit had made a lot of friends on his Facebook page, and I used it to assist with some rescue efforts,and become involved with groups such as Corgi Rescue of America, CorgiAid and FaithBark. And those same friends supported us, knowing that we could provide a good and loving home for Drake.

Two weeks after Drake was brought to Joplin Humane, and one month after we lost Bandit, we were informed that we were picked to adopt the little Corgi that had stolen Corgi Nation's heart. We drove 7 hours to get Drake, who we renamed Joplin in honor of his rescuers.

It has now been almost 4 months since we adopted Joplin, and his wounds have healed and his fur grown back. The only evidence of the attack that remains is his somewhat raspy bark, because his vocal chords were most likely damaged. And that is why his aarrooo is so unique! Joplin is the best little guy, and we still hear from many of the people that helped Joplin in his greatest time of need. And to ensure that there will be funds available for other emergency situations like Joplin's, Bandit's Bandaid, an emergency veterinary fund named after our first Corgi, was established by the nonprofit FaithBark rescue organization!


Joplin's video that made him a star!

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