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    15 Perfect Corgis In Halloween Costumes

    These Corgis are ready for Trick-Or-Treat season and they want your treats! You can't say no to this kind of cuteness.

    1. The SS Chompers (Yellow Submarine)

    2. Batgirl!

    3. Ready To Scare Some Crows?

    4. Halloween Jammies

    5. Ready To Play Polo!

    6. Skeletons Are Spooky In The Daylight!

    7. Just Cute

    8. Batman's Trusty Sidekick

    9. Hungry For Cuteness!

    10. Gimme Candy!

    11. Beach Gear?

    12. RUN! IT'S A GATOR!

    13. Supergirl Is Here To Rescue The Day!

    14. What An Adorable Pumpkin!

    15. BUZZZZZZZ!!!