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14 Photos Of The Cutest Corgi Family Day

Cappy and his two grand-kids are one adorable looking Corgi dog family. These photos were taken at their very first family day. SO CUTE!

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Most here know of Cappy, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, owned by Bryan & Rose Ashcraft in Auburn, Washington. Cappy just turned 12 last April 23rd. He's still full of energy, loves anything food related, still chases rabbits & squirrels around the neighborhood. sometimes the neighbors cat wanders across the street & Cappy chases it home again. With Mother's Day come & gone, and Father's day just around the corner, I got to thinking that Cappy would maybe like to see his kids again. So I contacted our daughter who we got Cappy from and sadly she informed me that none of Cappy's kids are no longer with us due to various health related issues. She did, however, tell me that there are two of his Grandchildren still alive and living not to far from us. So we made a "play date" and drove out to see the little ones. Well, as we drove up to the house, we could see the two Corgi's running in the yard and coming towards our car when we stopped. Guess that house doesn't need a doorbell either like our house…you could hear the typical Corgi bark from inside the car with all the windows still up.

As we got out of the car, his two grand-kids were barking up a storm just on the other side of the fence. Cappy wasn't too interested, he got out of the car and just started sniffing around….also peeing on everything as well. We finally got all 3 together in the yard and he met his family. The grand-kids are 6 years old. They are brother & sister from the same litter. The boy, named Pickles is a spitting image of Cappy except a little thinner. Same smile, same face, it was real hard for me to tell them apart when they were together..I had to look for Cappy's Cappy is a little more "thicker" in the middle.

The girl's name is Marbles, she has one ear that never came up, I think it looks cute on her. She has a little darker face with some black around her eyes & ears which may not be noticeable in the pictures. She runs the house, and picks on her brother a lot from what we were told. And by watching them all play, I can she she's the boss.

Pictures are all three together, Cappy was a good boy, although he got tired easily with all the running around. We plan on making another "play date" soon.

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