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Tell Us Your Most Horrifying Demonic Possession Encounters

Are demonic possessions real? Have you witnessed someone being possessed by a demon? Have you ever been possessed? Tell us your scariest real-life stories about demons and possessions to be featured in a BuzzFeed video sponsored by The Conjuring 3. We want to know who, what, where, and when — and remember, the devil is in the details.

Why do the most twisted and disturbing demonic encounters happen when you're by yourself?

You try to recount them to your friends or family, but they never believe you. They tell you it wasn't real, as if you didn't hear what you heard or see what you saw.

Those stories follow you — they haunt your hometown, they stalk you in your shadows, they suffocate your sleep.

The only true way to free yourself from that chokehold is to share your story. You need everyone to know.

What are your wildest, most horrifying demonic possession stories? Did someone in your town get possessed? Perhaps it was you?

Maybe there's a demonic possession story that made the news in your hometown, or you want to finally share a story that should've made the headlines.

We want to hear your story! Use this Google Form or drop a comment below to share everything that happened. Be specific. Our favorites will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed video sponsored by The Conjuring 3.

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