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    4 Eclipse Inspired Cocktails

    Ready for the eclipse on Aug. 21st? Here's some cocktails that will pair perfectly with those sexy viewing glasses.

    1. Dark Side of the Screwdriver / Via

    - Black Large Round Ice Cube

    - 1.5 oz Vodka

    - 1 oz Orange Juice

    Preparing the Ice Cubes started out easy. Remember back in the day when you played with food coloring and you never wanted to combine the colors too much? Guess what? Now you can. In a measurement cup filled with water add 3 drops red, 3 drops blue, 3 drops green and you get pretty close to black. Pour into mold and freeze.

    Tip: Use vodka from the freezer and make sure the OJ is super chilled. The ice cube melted and left a blue ring, which was cool until well, it continued to melt and wasn’t cool anymore.

    2. Total Eclipse of the Sun / Via

    - 1 oz Kahlúa

    - 1.5 oz Bailey’s

    Tip: Always pour the heaviest first, which in this case is the Kahlúa. Then hold a silver spoon upside down and pour the Bailey’s over it. A tad might sneak down but it will quickly rise up.

    3. Partial Eclipse / Via

    - 2 oz Limoncello

    - Garnished with a grape (if you have a fun cocktail stirrer with a planet-like shape, all the better!)

    Tip: Frozen grapes are always good in cocktails!

    4. Mason Jar White Sangria / Via

    - 3 fresh Blackberries

    - 3 fresh Blueberries

    - 3 fresh Strawberries

    - Half Moon Orange

    - 2 oz Riuniti Moscato

    - 1 oz Veey Acai Spirit

    - 1 oz Peach Puree

    - 1 oz Cointreau

    During the solar eclipse, you’re going to see a round shadow of white, so this white sangria from Cabo Flats in South Florida is a perfect compliment. This recipe is for a WHITE Sangria served in a Mason Jar… with a half MOON orange in the recipe.

    Preparation: Combine all ingredients in Mason Jars and store in fridge overnight or make each to order by filling to the rim of the mason jar with ice and shake to mix.

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