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Professor Willow From "Pokémon Go" Is Dad AF And We Need To Talk About It

"More like "Professor Will-you get into my pants."

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Pokémon Go recently launched, and the Pokémon fandom literally cannot contain themselves — despite the app's tendency to absorb all your battery life.

Bae: Come over Me: I can't I'm busy with #PokemonGO Bae: there's a charizard in my backyard Me:

Lots of people are having fun trying to catch 'em all, as they appear virtually everywhere.

But can we just take a moment to talk about how DAD AF Professor Willow is?

"My name is professor Willow, or as I prefer to be called 'Daddy'"

He even makes some typical Dad choices when it comes to his wardrobe.

In the new #PokemonGO app, Professor Willow has clearly just come from yoga (note yoga pants and mat on back)

You simply can't deny his daddy status.

Dear Professor Willow, I know this is sudden...but Im in love with you! #pokemongo

professor willow more like professor willyou please get in my pants

anyone else think professor willow can totally get it anytime he wants

Seriously, that face and body have people feeling some type of way.

I wanna kiss Professor Willow. #PokémonGo

His pick up lines are straight out of the Dad 101 handbook.

great pickup lines or greatest pickup lines? #pokemongo #professorwillow

You can call me tonight. #professorwillow #PokemonGO

Even your mom can't deny Professor Willow has cute *cough* Pokéballs *cough*.

My mom getting Pokemon go: "whoa professor willow hubba hubba"

Nah I'm not leaving my hometown to go on an adventure Professor Willow might try and bag my mom

Oh Professor Willow, with so many Pokémon to catch, there is only one thing truly on our minds...

okay but how do i catch professor willow bc damn boy 😏

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