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Are You More Of An Elijah Krantz Or Titus Andromedon?

Which GBF are you most like?

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  1. Netflix
    Leather Bar.
    College Night.
    Warehouse Party.
  2. HBO
    Go and talk about how bad her songs are while she is performing. After, you tell her how great she is.
    Go and steal the spotlight.
    Stay home because thing's are a bit awkward since you and her hooked up that one time.
    Stay home because she is working at the spot you were just fired from.
  3. Netflix
    Dress like a sexy cowboy and try to win his affections.
    Meet him in the bathroom and give him a hand job.
    Get him drunk and listen to him emotionally rant.
    Bring him on the Dr. Phil show.
  4. HBO
    Blue ladybug sweater.
    Iron Man suit.
    Creased Short Shorts
    "Baby Slut" shirt.
  5. Netflix
    Have him write a one man show about his life so you can star in it.
    Take him to a bar in Hell's Kitchen.
    Help him create a Grindr profile.
    Flirt with him.
  6. HBO
    Dump her.
    Marry her.
    Don't say anything to her. Just disappear.
    Tell her by performing your whole life story with minimal props in a cafe.
  7. Netflix
    'I Love It' by Icona Pop.
    'Dancing on my Own' by Robyn.
    Your Original Song.
    A YouTube News Remix.
  8. HBO
    You end up doing coke off a dirty toilet seat.
    You ditch her to dance with your crush.
    You end up not going out. Instead, you pass out on the couch with her and your Seamless order.
    You go to a Broadway show just to talk trash about your frenemy who is starring in it.
  9. Netflix
    Bald is beautiful.
    Parted to the side.
    Slightly messy.
    Full on shag.

Are You More Of An Elijah Krantz Or Titus Andromedon?

You got: Titus Andromedon

Some say a Diva is a female version of a hustla. Other say a Diva is one who embodies the charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent of Titus Andromedon. Though you deserve to live in a mansion, you know how to make a mansion out of your small NY apartment.You may not be the greatest friend, but you get an A for effort. You are definitely a dreamer, and your confidence will get you far. You're already the world's next great viral sensation.

Titus Andromedon
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You got: Elijah Krantz

The party doesn't start until you walk in. You are the walking quote wall of your group. Though you may throw shade, it is always justifiable. You speak the truth. You are also a great listener and roommate.

Elijah Krantz
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