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20 Times "Younger" Star Nico Tortorella Had Serious Hat Game

He's putting the Mad Hatter to shame.

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You may recognize him as Josh from TV Land's series Younger. In case you forgot, here's a reminder:

OK, so now you definitely remember.

1. What you may not know is that Nico likes to take photos wearing hats, like this one:

3. He may even be obsessed.

4. He likes to feed chickens in a beanie.

5. Casually sit in front of city scenery... in a beanie.

6. Take peanut selfies in a beanie.

7. And lounge around looking flawless in a beanie AND dreads.

8. He likes to casually pose in front of taxidermy wearing a furry hat.

9. Sometimes he wears the taxidermy as a hat.

10. He fits in well as a cowboy.

11. And could easily be a walking advertisement for Arby's.

13. He is apparently a lover of black caps.

14. He's also a lover of blue caps.

16. He makes us sweat when the throws on a backwards cap.

17. And can rock a pageboy cap.

18. He's got some... interesting... hat choices as well.

20. So we must all just hail Nico as the "King of Hats."

Keep being a style icon, Nico. We won't complain at all.


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