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23 Times #FourFacesOnePuppy Was All You Needed Right Now

Four puppy faces are better than one.

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1. When Snitch was you trying to get up in the morning:

Instagram: @onvine06

2. When all you wanted to do was hold Luna yourself:

Instagram: @pup_called_luna

3. When this dog was obviously too shocked about everything:

Instagram: @hairyharryboy

4. When taking a picture in the sun was a literal struggle:

Instagram: @superstarhba

5. When Athena gave Miley Cyrus a run for her money with that tongue:

Instagram: @papillon_tales

6. When Theo was acting rather mysterious all day:

Instagram: @kojakthebulldog

7. When this one was having so much fun but then crashed hardcore:

Instagram: @wagitandbark

8. When Gus couldn't keep his paws off the props:

Instagram: @gus_boxer_life

9. When Linus got all moody near the end:

Instagram: @linus_thewhiteboxer

10. When you realized you just want to take Paula on all your road trips:

Instagram: @dorritfunk

11. When Mallory was trying to take a pic but ended up yawning instead:

Instagram: @t_to_the_race

12. When Frankie took us on a tour of the city:

Instagram: @frankiethehound

13. When one havanese was trying to take a selfie then actually nailed it:

Instagram: @rudi_havanese

14. When you were captured by Cooper's eyes but then fell in love with his personality:

Instagram: @coopertheboston47

15. When this little angel was just so happy to be alive:

Instagram: @u_jjjiny

16. When Betsy just wanted to see the world from different perspectives:

Instagram: @betsythebulldog

17. When Drogo was serving you that over the shoulder a la Top Model:

Instagram: @drogostaffie

18. When the amount of cheese on the bottom left corner was too much to handle:

Instagram: @dazi_1105

19. When this puppy saw something she wanted, was told she couldn't have it, and then got it anyway:

Instagram: @5reo_mom

20. When Neko's fur was on fleek and she had to werk it for the camera:

Instagram: @_nekogram_

21. When Damy was literally just a cloud of fur:

Instagram: @ellinzy_damy

22. When the ocean breeze was too distracting:

Instagram: @hava_dog_life

23. When you couldn't tell this one apart from Wolverine in X-Men:

Instagram: @frokenlemon
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